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Prairie Sod

Prairie Sod Farm

 A locally owned and operated sod farm located just south of Regina provides residents in Southern Saskatchewan with fresh turf acclimatized to our conditions.

We serve residential, commercial, contractors and golf courses throughout Southern Saskatchewan.

Prairie Sod is grown with a certified Blue Grass and Fescue blend for optimum color and durability from spring through late fall.

Our dirt-based sod provides an excellent base for healthy root development. The sod has a minimum of 2 years root development – thus ensuring an easy transition for your new lawn.

Sod can be purchased in small rolls or in big rolls for larger jobs.

We are located just 20 minutes south of Regina. The proximity to all locations in Southern Saskatchewan guarantees that the turf received is always fresh.

We welcome customers to view their sod prior to booking it.

Pickup or delivery is available.

Give us a call at 536-6409 or contact us by email at

Prairie Sod Farm is a member of Turfgrass Producers International.